A family-run business with a personal touch


Back in 1975 John Franklin established Steamvac - a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service covering the Sussex area. Relying mostly on recommendations John's reputation preceded him. As the years passed Steamvac became A1 Steamvac Ltd and continued to be the trusted name to go to when looking for a high quality and caring service.

John mostly worked alone, however, on the larger industrial carpet cleaning jobs like the NHS Hospitals or Sony his son's would accompany him to fetch the buckets of water. I know...it sounds like either a nursery rhyme or child labour. The truth is we loved it. I am the youngest of the three boys, and when I was 18 I joined my father in the company. After a few years I pursued another career. Now, after 25 years I have returned to continue the family business following the well deserved retirement of my father.

Like my father, I approach my work with care, attention and the desire to do the very best I can for people. I am proud to continue the same high quality service regular clients have relied on year after year. I also look forward to dealing with all the new faces, carpets and recommendations that follow.

Meet the A1 Steamvac Family

Employee #1

Tim Franklin & John Franklin

Trained in the ways of Shaolin Kungfu I have a Zen like approach to my work. But don't worry, the only thing I will attack is the dirt in your carpets! Apologies, my jokes are as bad as my dad's. Luckily I was trained by the best (dad) when it comes to carpet cleaning.